The music behind the blogging.

How many bloggers out there listen to background music while they are working on there newest and greatest blog post? Raise your hand along with me. Music just seems to allow the creative juices to flow. Does the style, or content, or mood of the writing dictate what genre of music you listen to? Or does the mood you are in dictate it? For me, the mood I’m in dictates what I listen to. Today, or at least for this post I went back to my high school days, 70’s hits.

However, I can feel the need to change the genre  in a minute if there is a song that comes on that I really didn’t find to be a “hit.” Like the one playing now on my Itunes radio, the Motels, “Counting.” Please, I’m counting the seconds it takes to change this station! Ok, lets go with classic rock and see what we get. Hold on…oh, how about some old James Taylor. That will work.

Jazz, 70’s, classic rock, sometimes even classical, and every once in a while hip hop will be playing in the back ground. I guess I’m an ABC music kinda listening person. And to all my blogger friends out there who are not familiar with the term ABC music, It’s Anything But Country! 🙂 Sorry, I just can’t seem to be able to get myself into that genre of music. I guess depressing would be the word that I would use to describe it. Sorry If I offended anyone. Just my humble opinion about country music. Speaking of humble, Humble Pie is playing now 🙂

I’d like to see some posts about what music people listen to while they blog. Is it the same album every time, same genre, or is it different each time? Please do share.


4 thoughts on “The music behind the blogging.

  1. I listen to music 24/7 in every possible meaning of those words. I even listen to music when I sleep.
    When I’m at the computer, regardless of whether or not it’s for work or for blogging, I have my entire music folder on shuffle. I don’t know why but I’ve grown to love the shuffle button. I used to organize my music into folders like ‘Slow’, ‘Energetic’, ‘Dreamy’, etc. This way, I would be able to pick the folder that corresponds to my current mood. But I’ve stopped doing that and just turned on the shuffle button. So I guess my answer would be that the music is different every time. 🙂

  2. That’s a very good idea, to have your music in folders organized for your mood. Sweet idea!! I guess I kinda do the same thing when I change the station on Itunes radio. Your advantage, though is that it’s music that you downloaded 🙂 Great idea though.

  3. I love that term ABC, that so describes me, no matter how many times I’ve tried I just can’t like a country song :$ but I do listen to music while I blog most times its trance, I don’t know it just does not distract me as much as other genres would. Great post!

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