The Distorted Trail (5)

“Susan, how are you?” The conversation has been the same over the last few weeks. The typical:  heard from the kids, do you feel like we’ll win New Hampshire, when will we get to see each other again? Always the same three things discussed. “Yes Jake, it looks like New Hampshire is in bag.” I listened to her without interest; telling me that as if she had already counted the votes, vote by vote. I hope she is right.

I gave Tex the thumbs up sign, and he responded in kind. He knew what I meant. “Ok honey. Yes I’ll call you tomorrow. I love you too. Bye.”

Giving the phone back to Tex, we walked slowly through the small clearing that was the entrance to the large room I addressed the Chamber of Commerce in.

Finally, some time to relax. Three more weeks till the caucus. Tex and I will spend all three weeks making three to six stops a day. How will my body hold up for eleven months at this pace? November seems a long way off. Tex sees the strain and concern on my face. He reassures me with words. “Sir, we’ll take this one state at a time.” Tex always knows what to say.


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