Six Sentence Sunday 9/9/12

What is Six Sentence Sunday you ask? It’s a tag and website that aspiring writers can show others their writings that are published or in progress. Here’s mine for the first time…ta da, here we go.

Background first. Presidential candidate Jake Patterson finds a phone number in his pocket after a long day on the campaign trail. He thinks he remembers who gave it to him and is remembering his past.

Another number given to me by an attractive woman. The demons are back in full force. There was Sharon, Melody, Barbara; all like bad hurricanes that left destruction across the path of my life. I don’t want another affair to ruin my chance at becoming president. I need to throw it away, just throw it away now. Do it!


6 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday 9/9/12

  1. Welcome to your first Six Sentence Sunday. It’s a lot of fun. I just came back after being away for months. You’ve got a fun six here. Gotta ask though, is Jake married? That’s a whole different take on this six.

  2. There’s a nice twist to the story – his bad-boy history, and now fighting the demons. Good six, Mike. I was in a hurry because of publishing the new book, and I chose a crappy six. I’ll do better next time. 😉

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