The Distorted Trail (4)

Tex responded to my request.   “Not at all Mr. Patterson.” “Come on over here___” She blurted her name out “Nancy.” “Nancy, come right here.”  Wrapping my arm around her shoulder, drawing here close to me. She had to be at least five foot eight, standing six foot myself, her head at my shoulders. Smiling, always smiling, Tex took the picture.

Smiling, she said, “Thank you Mr., I mean Jake.” “You are very welcome. ” I shook her hand, soft, very soft hand. She again smiled as she released my hand and walked away. I thought to myself, now, there goes a classy woman. Hell, why did I care? 20 years of marriage to Susan, oh my wonderful wife Susan.

Ah, Susan. Did I talk to her today?  No I didn’t. “Tex, where is Susan today?” Tex pulled out his day planner from his vest pocket. Slowly paging through it till he reached his mark. “It looks like she’s in Concord today sir.” I knew she was in New Hampshire, just not sure where. Knowing I wanted to talk to her, Tex told me with a smile, “By the looks of the time, she would be available for a phone call.” Tex was always reading my mind, one step ahead of me. Damn, I like this man.


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