The Distorted Trail (3)

A flash from the camera startles me. Wow, I forgot about the picture.  Who was in it with me? Was I smiling? Of course I was.

When was the Ken going to endorse me? He hasn’t publicly indorsed any of us yet. Shit, I wish I knew now; if not me who was it going to be? If I had to, I could change my campaign strategy, but come on give me some time.

“Mr. Patterson.” a voice called out from the left of me. Another photo wanted. An extremely attractive blond holding a camera up, I presume waiting for my approval. “Can I get a picture with you Mr. Patterson?” “Please, call me Jake.” “Tex, would you mind taking a photo of me and this lovely young lady?”

     The pretty lady smiled with approval at my flattering comment. I knew she was in her forties, but she could pass for thirty easy. Wearing a sky blue dress, barley covering her knees, leaving so much for the imagination to wonder.


6 thoughts on “The Distorted Trail (3)

      1. Yes! I’m already worried about Patterson being in a picture with that blonde. That’s all we can do, Mike – keep writing. Get the story down, polish it later. Onward and upward, and all that good motivational stuff! 🙂

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