Fantasy Football Woes!

The excitement is over. Now reality sets in. I went from being ten points down, to being within seven; all the way down to what I am now (with current lineup), 20 points. Why do I stress myself out over “fantasy” football so much? Ask the hundreds of thousands of others who participate in this seasonal ritual that brings out the “best” in relationships to the point of almost going toe to toe. Well, I never seen it that bad. 🙂

It is an important event which takes time, planning, coordinating, and a lot of luck to win at. Injuries to players, and those players who want to head butt their wife/girlfriend can go from being your stud to your dud in a split second. It does take some knowledge about the players, some deep trenched skill that we conjure up, but mostly luck to get at least to the playoffs at the end of the season.

I can see all those Fantasy Football team “owners” sitting on their favorite recliner or couch, pizza flying everywhere, grunting like Tool Man Tim as they watch their stud running back run for his third touchdown of the game. Or, the opposite. The expletives fly as they  get two points from their top receiver and end the week with 50 points. OMG, it happens!

It all starts Wednesday night. If you have a player on the Cowboys or Giants, check that list twice and get them in your lineup. Game time decisions on players by the club can be an “owners” pitfall. Game time decisions mean get another player in your lineup. Enough rambling, let the games begin!


2 thoughts on “Fantasy Football Woes!

  1. My sister just had a big shindig at her house for their fantasy football league. They are definitely all in when it comes to football. Me, not so much. My husband follows hockey, and I like to follow Tiger Woods. I hope you’ll still be my friend. 😉

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