The Distorted Trail (2)

Piercing blue eyes are the focal point on Patterson’s face. They are gripping, having a mesmerizing affect on people who meet him. He is charming to the point of being obnoxiously nice, no doubt helping him get his way through life.

A female voice from behind catches my attention. “Can I get a picture please Mr. Patterson?”  Turning and noticing a middle age woman maybe in her early forties holding a camera in her hand; with a smile on my face, “Sure, why not.”  Always smiling, that’s what my campaign manager has told me from the start. Tex told me, “If you look happy, you probably are happy.” Tex, my campaign manager has his Doctorate in Political Science from Texas Tech University. Although he is from Nebraska, and his real name is Tim Long, I started calling him Tex from the time I interviewed him and seen his education. At that time he was going to be Tex.


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