The Distorted Trail (1)

Chap 1 The Distorted Trail (Jake Patterson)

     “…And in conclusion…Patterson for the People!” Yes, sounds very cliché, but it’s got me the numbers in the polls that I need for now. The very partisan crowd claps and a few whistles shriek out in the background.  Then an older woman in the crowd screams out that campaign slogan, “Patterson for the people.” I need to think of something more innovative, more stylish. Do I really care about the people? Jake Patterson, millionaire five times over; really, do I care about the people? Or, are they a stepping- stone to what I really want to be,  the most powerful man in the world?

Down off the platform into the crowd I go. The crowd is very friendly. No planted anti-Patterson folk here to disrupt what has been a very good day on the campaign trail. “You have my vote,”  an older man yells out from about 10 feet away. I make my way towards him extending my hand. We shake hands for what seems a minute. “And your name is?” “Sam…Sam Taylor,” the man shouts for me to hear over the loud crowd. “Nice to meet you Sam, and thanks for your support. I can really use a lot of people like you. Thanks again.”


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