Why Blog?

Recently I’ve been asking myself that question. What am I getting out of it? Is there anything that I’m doing that is benefiting me in any productive way? Well, to be honest…it’s all about me, and thats what a blog should be to you.

Why do I say that it’s all about me? It’s my concept, I change it at a whim, I post what I want  and when I want, and allows my creative being to show…since I can’t draw worth a shit! I decide the subjects, I decide the photos, I decide the stories; me me me! However, if I don’t make it interesting then I won’t get no viewers.

Even though this blog is my doing, I’m hoping I can make it interesting enough that folks will look at it periodically just to see whats going through my crazy mind :0

If you take a look on the net, there are millions of blogs ranging in thousands of subjects. Close friends of mine have blogs. I have met neat bloggers who are way more creative than me. However, they can’t take away from the uniqueness of my blog which I am really having fun doing.

Don’t be scared to try it. This was just a way for me to learn how to operate word press and it turned into much more, and hope as I learn more about blogging I can add more of my ideas to this.

Peace Out

O’Douls all the way!

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