And The Winner Is…Chris!!!!

In the red corner, the pride of Abilene, weighing in at 2 plus, is co worker and friend Chris “Barney” O’keeffe.

The Challenger

In the blue corner, the pride of BWW, weighing in at 1 pound, the reigning champ “The Blazer!”

The Blazer!

The time keeper at the bell, “Surge!’.

Time keeper and judge!

Witness and co-worker and friend, Larry aka “Batman.”


It was a battle till the very end. Blows were given back and forth by both fighters. “Barney” only slowed down once…he was sticking it to “The Blazer” not giving in an inch!

“Barney” knocking the shit out of “The Blazer!”

With seconds left, the victor was Chris!!

“The Blaze” Taken down!!

A dazed and confused look on his face, Chris was even surprised at the easy victory. Hopefully he makes it through the night!

Dazed and confused…but the champ!!

How do you like them?


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