Shady Oaks

Today was so freaking hot outside, but it wasn’t bad at 8:15 when we started golfing. 🙂 There were five of us playing today. I can’t recall the last time I played with that many; it’s been a while. It was Dave, Norm, Larry, and my boss Jim and I.

Hole 1…hot already and no wind!!

I’m going to post the score card. I ended up with a 92, which considering the heat, I felt wasn’t to bad. My buddy Dave

My co-worker and friend Dave shot an 88 today!

did well, shooting an 88 with two birdies!!!

Also, I’m going to try to turn this into a learning experience for me, and hopefully a teaching experience for you amateur golfers such as me. Two tips from todays round, First: no shit talking till after you take your shot! Almost every time you laugh at someone else’s mistake, you are sure enough prone to flub a shot yourself. Second tip: if you leave a putt short, step back and take a deep breath and let someone else putt before you putt out. Putting when mad isn’t good. 🙂

Now for the score card

92 at Shady Oaks on 8/6/12 Not bad 🙂

Now for a poll…I love these polls! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Shady Oaks

  1. On the poll, I selected t shot. The reason is I feel as though if you are not in the fairway to start with, it puts added pressure on you and I think sets the tone for the hole.

  2. I believe it depends of the playing ability of the individual golfer. At my level (pretty bad), it is most important to get the ball in the fairway. Constantly coming out of the rough and from amongst the tree eats up strokes, while my putting remains fairly onsistent. OTOH, to a professional, there is not much doubt that putting is where the money is. Thus the statement, “drive for show, putt for dough”.

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