“Steelers” Saturday…Big Ben, or Tony Romo; who’s the better QB?

The general of the team, the QB has to show leadership. Who’s the better general; who has shown true leadership for their team? Has it been Big Ben of the 6 time Super Bowl champs Pittsburg Steelers,

or has it been Tony Romo of the Dallas Cowboys?

So, for full disclosure; I grew up in York, Pa and have been a Steelers fan from the time I can remember watching football. The days of the “steel curtain” is what I remember. The defensive down lineman of the Steelers were then “mean” Joe Green, L.C Greenwood, Ernie Holmes, and Dwight White. But enough nostalgia talk. Lets get back to the subject at hand; who’s the better QB, Big Ben or Tony Romo.

Like I said, I am a Steelers fan, but I have been living in Texas since May of 1999 and have watched my fair share of Dallas games and feel as though I can present a fair and balanced comparison of these two fine quarterbacks.

I guess the first thing we should look at is how they lead or not lead their teams in the big games. And to me, the big games would be when they get into the playoffs.

Since Tony Romo didn’t become a starter for the Cowboys until 2006, I guess we must start with that season.  Even though in 2005 the Steelers, lead by Big Ben beat the Seattle Seahawks 21-10 for a Super Bowl victory.


Anyway, we can’t count that season since Romo wasn’t  a starter at that time. See how fair and balanced I can be when representing both sides of an issue.

Lets look at how many playoff games each one of them have won since they were starters. So, since the 2006 season when both QB were starters, Tony Romo has won only one playoff game, where as Big Ben has won 5 including a Super Bowl in 2009, beating the Cardinals 27-23.

Lets look at stats. First interceptions, which I feel are devastating to a team. Tony Romo has 72  interceptions in his career. Wow, Big Ben has 80 since 2006. Ok, well interceptions don’t mean all that much! Lets look at another stat…TDs. Thats where it’s at, yes putting points on the scoreboard. 149 passing TD for Romo, and 131 for Big Ben. Damn it…another important stat going to Romo. Romo has an overall higher QB rating than Big Ben does. Well, what than makes Big Ben a better QB in my opinion? Wins!!!! Until Romo starts winning playoff games, Big Ben to me is the  better QB.

Vote in poll, and then weigh in with a comment! Tell us why Big Ben or Romo is better.


5 thoughts on ““Steelers” Saturday…Big Ben, or Tony Romo; who’s the better QB?

  1. Ok first of all let me make one thing clear I HATE the cowgirls…..So this might be a little weird…I agree with you on most of what you said about both qbs Mike but the one thing….I think the most importain thing that you forgot was the team that surrounds the qbs…First off I love it that the cowbitches have only won one playoff game since 2006….so in saying that you can’t put all the blame on roma in their losses… If you look at the teams surrounding the qbs Big Ben has had the better wrs better o line and the better coaches…that also is a key factor.With those factors it makes it a little easier for the qb to produce. ..Now don’t get me wrong Big Ben is a great qb but as we know you don’t need a great qb to win champinships…you need good defence that make plays that put the offence in good possion to score….So just going by super bowl rings yes Ben is the better qb BUT you dont get into the hall of fame by just winning superbowls…..not saying that Romo is a hall of fame caliber qb but if you look at some of the qbs in the hall not a lot of them have champinship rings…but anyway they both are good qbs. So with saying that I don’t know who really is the better qb…….

    1. Does Big Ben get the job done Batman? That’s the question. The QB has to lead. And yes he needs a supporting cast; however with both supporting casts equal at some point in both their careers, so far, I feel confident in saying Big Ben has superior leadership traits on the field which have resulted in him winning the big games when needed.

  2. I want to start off by saying yess i did pick big ben#7 i didnt just pick him because thats my team qb i picked him because im my opinion hes a better overall qb then romo for example big ben his rookie year 15-0 record two rounds deep in the playoffs got beat in the AFC championship against the pats the next year took his team to the playoffs taking the 5 seed with a 11-5 record the teams they best were the bengals colts and broncos the reasons in tellin you the teams is because for another example is when they were playing the colts and had the game won and bettis fumble at the redzone and the only person that had a chance of catching him was ben and ben had the best saving tackle you will ever see people will talk about that forever the reason im saying that is because ben could have gave up but he didnt he has a bigger heart then to give up and for that tackle he saved there season and it gave them a chance to play in the super bowl and yes they won the super bowl 21-10 beating seattle the next year ben and the team failed to make the playoffs ended the season 10-6 but the next season ben took them to a AFC champ title and put them in playoffs as a 13-3 record and when on to win super bowl 43 with bens wonderful mouth droppin pass to the back of the endzone thats one of the best throws you will hear people talkin about for a long time!..that’s a little something about bens career yeah ben may have messed up durin offseason with girl problem but overall ben is better then romo he can read the defense better he moves around in thr pocket better and two other reason if the game is on the line they give ben the ball and he will shine on the other hand romo will choke because hes a choke artist and another thing ben has been hurt alot but people really dont know that because ben never complains he just keeps playing like nothing is wrong for romo if he gets hurt hes done and that’s why i think ben is a better qb not cause thats my teams qb but because of his leadership hardwork and strong will!!…

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