“Music” Monday with Buddy Rich

Arguably the greatest jazz drummer, if not drummer ever. Buddy Rich has always been someone who I enjoy listening to and watching over and over. I just can’t get enough of his tremendous talent and love for music which shows through his professionalism and dedication to his art.

I first seen Buddy Rich on TV many years ago on the Tonight Show with Johnny  Carson. I use to watch that show with my father every chance I got, and sometimes with my mom when my dad was working nights. lol He of course didn’t know I was sneaking down stairs to watch the show. 🙂

Rich made many appearances on the tonight show over the years. I guess Carson found a special liking to Rich since he himself played drums, or just because Rich like I said was considered by many to be the best drummer in the world.

As I got a little older, I started to play the trombone in school and really got into music more. During this time I remember my Uncle Jerry taking me to see Buddy Rich at the York Fair and seeing one of the best shows I have ever seen up through today. As a side note, my Uncle is a very good drummer too!

Jerry Akin on drums, Mike Akin on bass guitar.

Rich was a very hard man to work for though. There were numerous times he would stop his band in the middle of a show and cuss them because they didn’t play something right.

Just take a look at his band and how tight they play.

Birdland Performed by the Buddy Rich Big Band – YouTube


2 thoughts on ““Music” Monday with Buddy Rich

    1. I try to enjoy all music Jerry. Believe it or not, the only music I can’t get into is country. I don’t know why, but I can’t. 🙂

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