“Steelers” Saturday…Professional or College Football?

Professional football versus college football, is there a divide? Believe it or not, some guys are not really interested in college football, me being one of those guys. Though my good friend, whom I will leave anonymous “Batman” swears by the college football season/system.

There are good arguments for both, and to enjoy both systems. I just really haven’t been able to make that leap. I must admit, I will watch the college championship when that game does role around.

Here are some of the reasons why I like pro football better than college. First, I think the players are bigger, stronger and faster. A college freshman is barely buying his first razor blade, so there got to be room for more physical growth.

The college playoff system sucks! The Las Vegas bookies don’t even know how the damn thing works. Although I have heard they fixed that problem. I guess we shall see this coming season.

For the most part, professional players are nationally known. For instance, almost everybody knows the sucky quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys is Tony Romo. But, do most football enthusiasts know who the quarterback for East Oregon State is? Of course they don’t. And Super Sunday, a great reason to enjoy some chili and choice beverage, not on a random Wednesday in mid January!

There is a simple poll this week.  Is it professional or college, or both? You can write comments too; which I’m sure I will see some from “Batman.” 


3 thoughts on ““Steelers” Saturday…Professional or College Football?

  1. So we’re talking football. College Pro what one is better? You have some good points there Mikey. Yes alot of people know who the losers cowgirls qb is and no I’m sure nobody knows who east oregon state qb is by the way its Chris Ware….and yes i agree with you that the whole playoff system sucks, and hopefully someday they will fix it. There are alot of differences between college and pro football. I believe the game play is better in college. Its more exciting. the big plays that turn a game around. the trick plays you dont see in pros. the upsets. the teams that suppost to have no chance in hell to win the game pulls it out in the last second. We could go back and forth all day about whats better pros/college. but if you get down to it its all football and its a great excuse to get together with some good friends eat way to much good food and drink some beverages. So if it is either the No Fun League or the exciting gameplay of college football. Its about that time for some football……………………..

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