“Tax” Tuesday…Voting

     Sorry about this post being so short, but I’m a little tired today from work. Basically what I wanted to discuss is voting habit’s, or why do people vote the way they do.

      People vote for candidates for different reasons. Some because they recognize the name…IE Bush. Some vote a certain way out of Party affilation. They have been registered with a certain Party for years and thats the way they will vote regardless how bad their candidate might be. They might vote for a person because their parents are going to vote for them, or the candidate has nice hair. yes, the like-ability  factor plays a part in some choices people make.

     Anyway when you go to vote in this years election, which I’m hoping you will, think about why you are voting for the person you are. Does the reason make sense? Is your vote an informed one…a single issue vote? Just some things to think about.


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