“Steelers” Saturday

     Welcome to “Steelers” Saturday where we cuss and discuss sports. Since we are not yet into the football season, I want to talk about a sport my brother Terry turned me onto about two months ago, NASCAR. Hello, I can’t believe it neither! I never thought for a million years that I would be sitting on my couch for sometimes three hours at a time watching cars race around a track.

     I guess the moral of this very short post today is, don’t knock someone for a sport that they enjoy watching, or participating in. Next thing you know, you could be the one on the couch routing for Tony Stewart to win a race!


3 thoughts on ““Steelers” Saturday

  1. big time college football fan. love because the games are way more better. yea sometimes you know who will win but its those edge of your seat the team thats not suppost to win hanging on to hold off the last game winning drive against the big name who if they lose thats their season. no title for them. pros game are just to boring most of the time.

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