Scallops and zucchini


This was from recipe I posted earlier.


3 thoughts on “Scallops and zucchini

  1. heres a recipe for ya… it’s call koren ribs.. guess you can also call them sweet and spicy ribs.. for this you can either use pork short ribs cut into single ribs or in my case i like to use country ribs, you don’t have to worry about bones, but you might want to cut them into smaller pieces.heres what ya need..
    pork ribs
    soy sauce……all purpose DO NOT USE ANYOTHER i tjust taste better using all purpose
    cayenne pepper
    Take large pot add 2-3 bottles of soy sause depending on how much ribs..
    for every bottle of soy sauce use 2-3 bottles of water. i just fill the soy sauce bottles up with water begin to heat
    add 6-8 cups of sugar to mix bring to boil. add ribs and then cayenne pepper *use as little or as much as you want…
    boil ribs in mixture till done about 1-2hrs.
    when done remove from heat. take a large skillet cast iron or wok works great or just a large one if you don’t have. get skillet real hot. add ribs and about 1/2 cup of liquid to skillet. turning ribs until liquid carmelizes. you will have to o this in small batches. aftre done carmelizing the ribs enjoy…goes great wiyh rice….thanks for your time and enjoy…

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