Love Is In The Air!

Well, the great governor from New Jersey, Christie has formed a PAC now. So, it’s safe to say that he will be announcing in the spring his intention on running for the presidency.

Some pundits would say that he’s not conservative enough for the GOP. Perhaps not…however, he has shown in the past that he has compassion. Could he be the “Compassionate Conservative” the GOP is looking for?


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Don’t they make a cute couple? Well, not to be out done…he took his “Love Is In The Air Show” out of his state, to the great state of Texas.



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I like a man who can show his true feelings in both private and public settings. The question, will GOP be able to handle so such public displays of affection? Who will be the next victim, target  unwilling participant of Christies need to show that he’s more then a hard nosed politician from Jersey.

Just saying…peace out!

Three Time Loser?

They say the third times a charm. Is it for Mitt; or will he be a three time loser? I’m really torn…not really; I’m just saying that. I for the life of me think he is out of his mind for wanting to go at this again.

What possesses a person to want the job of president that bad to essentially put his or her life on hold for almost two years? And, with much uncertainty to get the parties nomination, and win the general election.

As I was having lunch with my good friend today, my Political Science Professor from the university I graduated from; we will call him “Paul”, because that’s his name…I posed the question to him. He was quick to respond; “Ego.”; and I thought that’s what it had to be. Nothing else made sense.

Is it official? No. Are there any official announcements yet? No. Please Mitt…I beg you, don’t do this to yourself or your family. Give others the chance.

Snippet Sunday. 1/11/15

A snippet from “Why Moore?”. Jake Patterson, politician…working the crowd at a campaign event.

Piercing blue eyes are the focal point of his face. They are gripping, having a mesmerizing affect on people who meet him. He tries to be normal, normal as he can be. But he is charming to the point of being obnoxiously nice, no doubt helping him get many things in life that he has. He starts to work his charm. 

Down off the platform into the friendly crowd he goes. There doesn’t seem to be any ill-willed anti-Patterson folks here to disrupt what has been a very good day for the candidate.  
From about ten feet away, an older man yells out, “You have my vote!” Jake makes his way towards him, extending his hand. They shake hands for what seems a minute.

Stay tune next week when you’ll hear the Bus Driver holla “All aboard!!”

2016, Huckabee Quits Fox

Mike Huckabee has quit his show, leaving Fox News to explore a possible run for the 2016 presidency. News, not really. Problems…well of course. I wish we all could remember what he did in the 2008 campaign, prolonging it when he had no chance; taking away votes in primaries from Romney, essentially giving the nomination to McCain…and we know how that turned out.

So now we have two GOP contenders that look like they are going to enter the race…Bush and Huckster.

There’s a Real Clear Politics poll out, before the Huckster announcement that has Bush at 17% and the big man from Jersey, Christie with 11.2% and the Huckster coming in fifth with only 8%.

I think after the next poll comes out, the Hucksters numbers will climb to about 10%. The earlier it looks as though these potential contenders make up their mind, the quicker potential voters tend to latch on with name recognition.

So, till next week or two…I will be watching this fascinating race develop and post another personal thought on the developments of the 2016 race.

Snippet Sunday 1/4/15

This is from “Why Moore.”, a WIP. I’m toying with different POV, and I’m having a hell of a time with it. Can I get some feedback on how a POV is chosen?

Nancy was standing next to her sister; both looking down at their mothers body. in the casket. Nancy’s sister asked, “Did you love her Nancy?” It was hard for her to respond truthfully, but she tried to answer as truthfully as she could. “I didn’t love her, I tolerated her. I wish, well no I really don’t wish you knew all the things that mother put me through. And of all times to discuss our problems, this is not the right time.”

Stay tune next week when you’ll hear the crazy witch holler “WTF!”

2016 Here already!

The start of the  2016 presidential campaign went into high gear yesterday with Jeb Bush starting an exploratory committee of some sort.

Bush vs. Clinton; why does that ring a bell? Is the Bush political dynasty going to add one more feather in their hat?

I will be concentrating on looking at the campaign from both sides…the good, bad, and the ugly,

Peace Out

Snippet Sunday 11/9/14

I have been in a slump…a writing slump. Actually, that’s not true…I have been lazy and doing other things. But, I’m still pressing on.

This is some dialog between Tex, a campaign manager and his candidate, Jake. Jake and Nancy, the main character, will in some weird way get mixed up with each other.

Tex with a concerned voice, “I have seen the envelope from the doctor Jake.”  With a puzzled and surprised look Jake responded, “What letter Tex?”  The conversation between these two powerful men continue…“The letter you left on the table. What is it about? Do you have health issues that you don’t want to discuss with me? When I took this job, I told you I needed like I would give you, complete loyalty and honesty. Here is some honesty Jake, we are even in Iowa, fucking even. We were 15 points ahead, what happened? I’ll tell you. You lost it if we do lose, which all tracking polls  seem to show. So, now it’s time for you to be honest Jake. We need to get on the right track…and the only way that is going happen is if you tell me what’s going on!”

Stay tune next week to hear the ref hollar “Charging!”

Peace out!