Snippet Sunday 7/20/14

In the near future, time frame yet to be determined, Nancy faces the death of her mother. Here is part of that scene…enjoy!


Nancy was standing next to her sister Mary,  both looking down at their mothers body as it lay in the casket. Mary asked,  “Did you love her Nancy?”

It was hard for Nancy to respond truthfully, but she tried to answer as truthfully as possible. “I didn’t love her, I tolerated her. I wish…well no I really don’t wish you knew all the things that mother put me through. And of all times to discuss our problems, this is not the right time.”

Mary snapping back, “Perhaps not Susan. I’ve  wondered over and over how you and mother could have had such a distant relationship. It seemed just  like it was  yesterday that we were all sitting together at Christmas dinner enjoying each others company; knowing now it was all just a put on.”


Stay tune next week when you’ll here the overweight bus driver holla…”All right now, let me see your ticket.”


Peace out!

What will piss me off?

So, I haven’t been writing very much at all lately. No fought of anyone, but my own. I guess that’s what writers call a writers slump.

I really didn’t plan on writing anything today neither…surprise, right. However, when I was at the local 7/11, the cashier did something that just irritated the shit out of me.

Well, actually she has been doing it; but today it just seemed to have got under my skin! Now, to most people this probably is nothing, and you’re thinking “What is wrong with this idiot?” World hunger, wars and rumors of wars…and all poor Mike has to worry about, or think about is the actions of this cashier.

Well yes…sorry but this annoyed me.

So, what she did; or does is when she rings up the items into the register, she uses the same finger every time; the index, and she bangs on the keys like she’s pissed off at them. Bang, bang, bang on the keys…oh my…it drove me crazy!!

Well, guess I’m getting over my writers block. Now I need to work on my anger management.

Have a great day.

Peace Out

Snippet Sunday 6/22/14

I know I’m behind :( Anyway, this is Nancy a few years later in a Chinese Restaurants bathroom…well, and here we go…enjoy.


Standing in front of the mirror applying another coat of red lipstick, Nancie’s mind races back to that night when blood oozed from below her lip. He cut her deep leaving a terrible scar; the scar just does not go away, mentally or physically. The cut she sustained left a two-inch scar right under her lip. Three plastic surgeries couldn’t cover it up completely. The surgeon said it was the best that could be done under the circumstances. The best has haunted her continuously.


Stay tune next week, when you’ll her the Doctor say, “Bend Over.”

Snippet Sunday…6/1/14

So, I will skip on to the end of day…where Nancy and Tamara are discussing the internship flyer…enjoy!

Nancy transfixed on the flyer, listening to Tamara in the background…”Are you going to do it Nancy?”

Nancy with a puzzled look on her face replied, ” I’m thinking about it. I don’t know what my mother will say though.”

“Girl, forget about your mom! You need to cut that leash. You have your own life.”

Nancy was thinking to herself, only if it was that easy. Cutting the leash on her was not going to be.


Stay tune next week when you’ll hear the conductor say…”All aboard!”


Peace out!