Snippet Sunday 4/13/14



This Sundays snippet follows the two friends, Nancy and Tamara into their first period class on the first day of their senior year. Enjoy!

A substitute showed up for the first day of class. It wasn’t a minute after they sat down Nancy’s phone vibrated with a text message from Tamara, “OMG he is hot!”

Sitting across from Tamara, Nancy looked over at her friend and just smiled. Nancy looked at the substitute teacher, staring him up and down. He was a tall younger man, maybe in his early thirties she thought, handsome, dark hair and very clean cut. Then another text, “Do you notice the bulge in his pants?” Nancy started to turn red with embarrassment and put her head down staring at her day planner.

Mr. Johnson was calling roll and called out Nancy Moore three times before she blurted out, “Here sir.” This was not going to be a good day, Nancy thought.

Stay tune next week when you’ll hear the old butcher holla, “Hey big man, how do you like your meat?”


Peace out!!


Snippet Sunday 4/6/14



This is a continuation from last weeks snippet. It’s from my WIP Why “Moore?” Nancy, the main character, displays some questionable behavior in front of her best friend Tamara…see last weeks snippet. So enjoy the continuation…

Snapping out of her daze, Nancy realized what she had done; lipstick allover her face, at her own doing. “Oh my god, what did I do? Tamara, what did I do? Help me get this off quickly!”

“You really whacked out Nancy. What were you thinking of?”

Nancy wasn’t concerned so much about the why it happened at this point. She knew that class started in about fifteen minutes and she needed to get the lipstick off her face now.

Working together, they hurriedly got the lipstick off. For Nancy s sake, no one else entered the bathroom and seen this questionable behavior of a normally stable young woman.

Stay tune next week when you’ll hear the crusty old umpire holler…” You’re out!!”

Peace out!


Snippet Sunday 3/30/14



Nancy, my main character in Why “Moore?” is in the woman’s bathroom before class starts. Her friend offers her a different type of lipstick to use. Nancy doesn’t want to try it, but she does anyway…and this is the outcome. Enjoy!


“This is for you Nancy. I picked it out last night. I thought you might like to try a different color lipstick today. Your light pink is just getting old.”

“You know I don’t like trying new things Tamara, especially lipstick.”

“Oh come on Nancy, just for me.”

Reluctantly Nancy stood in front of the mirror and started to apply the blood red lipstick slowly on her full lips. She started to get a blank stare in her eyes. And then she seemed to lose focus of the task at hand. The motion of her hand left the lips and started to apply the lipstick to her chin, then an upward motion toward her cheek. Instead of an evenly applied coat of lipstick to her lips, Nancy had lipstick all over her face.

Tamara was applying lipstick to her own lips at the time and wasn’t noticing what her friend was doing. Then she noticed. With a scream in her voice “What the fuck is wrong with you Nancy? Are you ok?”


Stay tune next week when you will hear the crusty old chef say, “Hey big man, do you want it well done?”

Peace out!

Snippet Sunday 3/23/14



From a long long WIP, Why “Moore?” Nancy, her mother Martha, and sister Mary all still at the dinner table. Nancy was thinking back years to earlier bad times…

For years the verbal abuse against Nancy seemed to just blend like everyday occurrences. It was almost as repetitive as breathing. One insult after another

Returning her thoughts back to dinner, Nancy reluctantly said to her mother, “Mom, I thought you did a wonderful job on the potatoes. Would you mind if I had a second helping? ” When the four of them ate together, Nancy’s father would always make sure to tell Martha before hand to have plenty to eat at the table so that if anyone would want a second helping, there would always be plenty.Unfortunately for Martha, all that extra food that was available seemed to have found its way to her body. At the age of forty-five, she weighed well over 200 pounds and seems to continue to be getting heavier all the time.

Then an ear-piercing scream wrung out from Martha. Mary had cut herself by squeezing the wine glass so hard it broke in her hand. Blood was running out of the deep cut onto the table and causing the white tablecloth to turn into a blood soaked rag.

 Other then an occasional nose bleed, this was the first time Nancy was exposed to the sight of blood; but, it wouldn’t be her last.

Stay tuned next time when you’ll hear the crusty old choir director say, “Hey big man, sing me a song.”

Peace out!

The “Creation.” Sonnet



The other morning I was out in my back yard with my dog zeus. I noticed how beautiful the sunrise was, which inspired me to write this. I hope you all enjoy.



All He said was “Let there be light.” There was.


Words were spoken; miracles occurred. 


He can make the jaws of the lion pause.


His stars were placed in the sky with a word.


How wonderful is the sunset to watch,


or listening to the waves rolling in?


In all His creation, not a one botch.


Have you wondered where His Spirit has been?


Through the heavens His presence is everywhere.


Throughout the earth His work can sure be seen.


Who can tame the wildness of the black bear?


Who overlooks the growth of a green bean?


He knows the count of every hair on me.


The heavens and earth, creation to see.


Blog Time



Just a survey folks…how much time do you spend on your blog. The reason why I ask, I seem to be lacking on mine. NO, I know I am. :)

Stay tune next time when you’ll hear the crusty old hair stylist say, “Hey big lady, let me do your hair.

Peace out!

Character Profiles…how detailed are yours?



So fellow writers, how detailed do you get with the information you share about your characters? Is it on an as needed basis? A book I have been using told suggested building them with this format…let me have your thoughts. This one is of Nancy Moore, the main character of my WIP…a long WIP shit!!!

Name: Nancy W. Moore


Age: Starts as senior in high school.


Occupation: Newspaper reporter, freelance photographer.


Family Members: Sister and mother at time of writing…father deceased…shot on duty as cop.


Personality Traits: Very outgoing, social butterfly, Very talkative…OCD


Character History: She is from Davenport, Iowa. Nancy works for “Daily Beacon” a newspaper in which she is a journalist and photographer. Gets picked up by AP to write political stories for them.


Highest Level of Education: BA in Journalism from the University of Iowa and a Minor in Psychology.   


Physical Traits: Five foot six inches…140ish. She has mid shoulder length hair.


Biggest Motivator: Raped in college. Must obtain justice in her own way. Revenge.


Things She Likes: Oriental Foods, guns because of her father; and traveling.


Things She Dislikes: Liars, deception, politicians in general.


Lives: At the start, she lives in Davenport, Iowa. Same city she was born in.


Music: She likes Classical Jazz


Likes About Herself: She likes her work ethics, her attention to details, power junkie.


Dislikes: Can’t have a normal relationship with her mom or men. She doesn’t like herself.


Favorite Childhood Memory: Shooting range with father.


Most Traumatic Event, Events in Life: Constant mental abuse by mother, raped in college, death of father.


Prized Possession: SW357 that father bought her on her 14th birthday to show her how to shoot.


Transportation:  97 Sapphire Blue, Honda Civic.


Favorite Food: Anything Chinese.


Most Interesting Thing about Character: Expert with small arms…self-taught after father showed her basics.


Characters Voice Sounds Like: Nothing unusual about the voice…talks kind of fast though.


Five Words Other People Use to Describe Character: Neat, smart, compassionate, social, self-reliant.

Peace Out!





What did you accomplish when you were in editing mode of blog posts?



So, I’m trying something new to see what I do while online and have my blog post open to editing mode and can go to different areas of my MacBook.

For the last 30 minutes or so I have been answering blog post replies back and forth with some of my fellow blogging friends. Carrie and I have been discussing back and forth my post about my new pup Zeus.

I wrote a reply on another great blogging friends blog post. Maddie is on fire with all the things that she has been doing lately!

So, now I pose a question. I notice that many bloggers that I follow have many people that they follow. How and when do they find time to read through all the posts that must show up on their reader? Do you guys and gals pick certain days that you read the ones you might find interesting? Or do you have certain ones you always try to hit?

Only ten minutes into this experiment and I think that I might be wasting valuable time that could be used for writing on my own WIP. So, I will take off into the world of Nancy Moore and see what I come up with next.

Ahhh but wait, I need to check on what google says about writing in the first or third person. Then I will get to my WIP. :)

Finding out that there is so much info on that subject…I just need to get to writing. Be back soon!

300 new words, and some editing of some old stuff…ok, not to bad. Zeus now wants to go out. I will take an hour to deal with him.

I had to tell this…my little Chihuahua Bell doesn’t like Zeus. Who’s going to win? :) Back to the dogs for a bit.

Now my cable went out…have to see what the cause of that was. I hate to miss “The Following.” :) OMG..the tech rep on the phone said he doesn’t have an estimated time of fix on the cable issue. What am I going tho do if I can’t watch the following tonight? Write some more? Damn it, I’m pissed!


So I spent the last hour playing with Zeus…cable is back on; all things seem to be a go for my night of TV enjoyment. Now to prepare dinner and sign out for the night.


So, this was my last 4-5 hours in my life. Pretty damn exciting huh? lol


Peace out!

Snippet Sunday 2/16/14


, ,

Later in the story, Nancy the main character of Why “Moore?” has gone to the bathroom to answer a very important phone call. However, it’s not who she thought it would be. After hanging up…

Nancy stood  in front of the mirror applying another coat of red lipstick;  her mind quickly races back to that night when blood oozed from below her lip. He cut her  deep leaving a terrible scar; the scars just don’t go away, mentally or physically. The cut she  sustained left a two-inch scar right under her  lip. Three plastic surgeries couldn’t cover it up completely. The surgeon said it was the best that could be done under the circumstances. The best has haunted her continuously.

The voice of her mother again, “Nancy?”

All the way into the bathroom her mother followed. With disgust in her voice, Nancy responded  “What mother?”  Her mother couldn’t leave her  alone, not even in the privacy of the bathroom. Public restrooms, I guess, mean exactly that: public. But still, to follow your own daughter into the bathroom, as if she was going in to check on a five year old, is just insane. That’s typical for her though. Nancy shouldn’t be surprised at all by her mothers  actions.

I think traumatic experiences stay with you forever. Certain things trigger memories of them. Just as the red lipstick did for Nancy.

Stay tune next week when you’ll hear the crusty clown say, “Hey bro, let me hold a dolla!

Peace out!


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